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Our high pressure washing services in Melbourne, is a quick and cost-effective way to freshen up the exterior of your commercial property making it presentable and inviting. The high powered stream of water can strip away dirt, grime, tough stains, dust, bird droppings, mould and mildew effectively. We also offer soft washing – a low pressure cleaning that can clean delicate surfaces effectively with long lasting results. For hiring professional pressure washing company, call us at 0416 484 644.


Our Pressure Washing Service Melbourne Include:

Tile Concrete
Building Wash Tile / Concrete Pavers
driveways pavers
Carpark / Driveways
Brick / Rendered Walls
Gutter Removal
Gutter & Eaves Removal
Tile Concrete
Tile / Concrete

What Types Of Methods Do We Use To Clean?

We only use commercial grade equipment offering:

  • Hot Water – delivers quality results consistently
  • Cold Water – great for rinsing of surfaces & washing
  • Soft Washing & Hot Water – chemical cleans for heavy mould, lichen & soilage

One of our friendly staff will advise the best method and offer a FREE quote.

The results will speak for themselves. We do the job right and on budget.

Roof Soft Washing Services

At Exterior Clean Melbourne we are fully equipped with the latest Soft Wash system. It is a pressure cleaning system that uses low pressure and safe biodegradable chemicals to effectively remove tough stains, mould, mildew, algae and more. This low pressure cleaning method is particular good for cleaning walls with delicate materials and cladding.

If you have been searching for a reliable pressure washing near me, then your search ends here. Call us at 0416 484 644 for a free pressure washing service quote without any hassles.

Why Hire Us For Power Washing Services?

  • Results – We love delivering quality results to our customers
  • Trusted – You can check out our reviews by real customers online at Word of Mouth
  • Transformational Videos – Have a look at our videos web page where you can see real transformation videos of us delivering results for our customers
  • Safety First – Your property & our people are precious. We take safety seriously and are “Working at Heights” accredited
  • Security – We have full Trade & Public Liability Insurance. We have the equipment and the know how.

Pressure Washing Services Melbourne

Pressure washing utilizes a high pressure to remove dirt, mould, algae, grease, oil, mud, and even paint from surfaces. Mainly used for industrial or commercial cleaning purposes, pressure washing is a quick and easy way to clean the surfaces of a building as well as driveways, sidewalks, decks, and even vehicles. Still, in addition to the commercial and industrial applications of this method, many home owners are using pressure washing services to keep the exterior surfaces of their home clean. As this type of cleaning has become more popular in recent years, many companies offer pressure washing services.

So what should you look for when you are trying to select a good, reliable pressure washing company?

While the phone book or Google searches will provide you with an extensive list of local pressure washing companies, it is not always a great idea to blindly select the first company you come across. As when hiring any kind of contractor, you want to take some time to research the company, their prices, and their relationships with past customers. Less ethical pressure washing companies may make false claims or provide misleading information; and since pressure washing can potentially damage your property, you should always take the time to find a reputable professional with a track record of satisfied clients.

Check Credentials & Reviews

At first, you probably want to make a list of potential pressure washers in your local area. Once you have compiled a reasonable list, perhaps 3-5 different companies, you can start checking credentials and Customer Reviews. Contractors should not only have industry-specific certification, but they may also have other credentials. Unfortunately, each city, province, or state will likely have different rules for how contractors are regulated so you may not always find proper certification.

When credentials aren’t available, ask to speak with previous customers. Any contractor should be happy to provide you with a list of references upon your request. Alternatively, speak to colleagues, friends, family, neighbors about their experiences with pressure washing companies for help finding a company that they trust. Alternatively, you can search for local pressure washing near me.

Verify Insurance Coverage

All contractors should be able to provide you with information about their insurance coverage. Commercial liability policies ensure that your contractor’s medical bills are covered in case of injury as well as covering costs of equipment or property damage. If your contractor cannot provide proof of insurance, move on to another candidate.

Get Estimates in Writing

Different companies will offer different prices for their services. It’s acceptable to get a verbal quote when you are in the process of narrowing your choices for potential contractors, but before you proceed with a job get the quote in writing.

Before / After of Our Other Services

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Why Hire Us?

The Cleaning Company You Can Trust

Quality operator who responds to your calls and messages, turns up on time and does not surprise you with unexpected last-minute extra costs.


Solid Track Record with 300+ Reviews.


All Staff are Police Checked & Trained.


Safety First- we care for our people and your property.


Fully Insured – Trade & Public Liability.


Licensed & Accredited to Work at Heights.


We have the equipment and the know how.

Our Clients

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