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Residential House Washing Melbourne

House Washing Melbourne - Exterior Cleaning

We will wash
  • Gable/Gutter line
  • Fascia & soffit boards
  • Eaves
  • Downpipes
  • Boards/render to the ground
  • Completing with an external Window Clean & Fly screen
We can also clean your Pergolas, Alfresco areas, Fences, Driveways, Pathways, Bricks & more.We take care of your property and have the know how on identifying the kind of surface and choosing the best method to deliver a high quality clean. For  Residential House Washing Melbourne Call 0416 484 644

What methods do we use to clean?

We only use commercial grade equipment offering:

  • Hot Water – delivers quality results consistently
  • Cold Water – great for rinsing of surfaces & washing
  • Soft Washing & Hot Water – chemical cleans for heavy mould, lichen & soilage

We’ll advise the best method and offer a FREE quote.

The results will speak for themselves.

Why hire us?

Exterior House Washing

Low pressure cleaning is the preferred method commonly used to clean exterior commercial buildings and is also used for domestic house washing. It is a specialised technique that cleans the surface without the use of harsh abrasives which can cause damage to the surface.

This method of cleaning is ideal for cleaning painted brick and concrete surfaces, vinyl cladding window frames, eaves and shade sails.

Low pressure cleaning is a specialised three step process which involves:

1.The application of detergents and or chemicals to surface. These chemicals are often applied to the surface evenly with the aid of a sprayer.
2.The applied chemicals are then manually scrubbed into the surface with a soft bristle broom.
3. After allowing the chemicals time to penetrate the surfaces substrates they are then rinsed off along with all of the dirt, mould and grime that was on the surface.
There are many advantages of utilising a regular exterior house washing and maintenance service.

Cost – Exterior cleaning and washing can obtain ‘like-new’ results without the need for repainting of the surface. Low pressure cleaning also can extend the lifespan and condition of the paint on the exterior surface of the home or building.

Value – Exterior cleaning and house washing can also improve the curb appeal and presentation of your home. It is able to effectively restore the original look of a home or premises. Improving the presentation and appearance of a property will increase its prospect of selling and obtaining the highest possible value.

Health – Mould is often a contributing and aggravating factor for many asthmatic sufferers. This cleaning method is able to remove large amounts of mould spores and moss from any exterior surface surrounding the home. This will improve your quality of life by aiding your ability to breathe comfortably.

Exterior Clean Melbourne

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House Washing Melbourne VIC

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