Commercial Soft Washing in Melbourne

Transform the appearance of your commercial establishment with a gentle yet intensive soft wash in Melbourne.

At Exterior Clean Melbourne, we understand that a clean and tidy facade for your building is necessary to attract customers and provide a welcoming environment. Hence, we address your cleaning needs with highly effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly soft washing services in Melbourne.


Why We Recommend Our Soft Washing Services in Melbourne

Soft Washing is a technique utilising soft pressure combined with the use of specialised chemicals to help remove dirt, grime and buildup on the exterior of your commercial premise. This method is very effective in killing any organic growth like lichen, mould, mildew, moss, bacteria, and other microorganisms. It also has the benefits of sanitising your exterior surfaces. In Melbourne, soft washing is quickly becoming a cost-effective way to uplift the curb appeal for commercial properties without worrying about damaging the building’s facade or cladding.

Ultimately as a customer, you want a result that will deliver great results. It’s our responsibility to select the best method to clean your property. Our team is experienced in determining when to use soft washing to get the best result.

Safe & Compliant Melbourne-based Soft Washing Solutions

At Exterior Clean Melbourne, we treat your safety as our top priority. Besides ensuring the safety of your property, we are also committed to ensuring that our crew is safe on-site. Moreover, our team will work to suit your site by providing the following:

  • Site Specific Inductions & Safety
  • SWMS
  • Police Checks
  • Working with Childrens Checks
  • Vaccination Certificates
  • Workcover Certificates
  • Public Liability Certificates
  • EWP & Working at Heights Licenses

Do you think your commercial property requires a thorough cleaning? If yes, connect with our Melbourne-based soft washing experts to discuss your needs & get affordable and effective cleaning services in the area.

Safety & Compliance

Why Choose Soft Washing in Melbourne?

Soft water pressure combined with the chemical wash is ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces of your exterior building. While pressure washing can be a quick and effective way to clean various surfaces, it also has some serious drawbacks. For instance, exposure to water jets at high pressure can often corrode the surface of your establishment. Moreover, these surfaces would be damaged if you used high water pressure. In our experience, soft washing is best utilised on:

  • Rendered Surfaces
  • Weatherboards
  • Painted Wooden Surfaces
  • Mould on Metal & Tiled Roofs
  • Pergolas
  • Polycarbonate Roofs

Soft washing is also ideal for removing any algal growth on surfaces, including mould and mildew, lichen, black spot mould & more.

Did you not find what you were looking for? Browse through our website to take a look at the services we offer. Alternatively, you can connect with our Melbourne-based soft washing experts to learn more about our commercial cleaning services and how we can help you with your cleaning needs.

Benefits of Choosing Soft Washing in Melbourne

With the emergence of sustainable cleaning options, the industry is moving away from High-Pressure cleaning. This is because every time you use high pressure, it progressively erodes the top of the surface, which leads to that surface getting dirty faster.

High Pressure also has the chance of damaging a surface.

Soft washing reduces the chance to damage a surface and kills the spores of any organic algal growth on your property. Many exterior surfaces have some degree of algal growth primarily due to inadequate sunlight exposure or continuous exposure to moisture.

The benefit of using chemicals is that your surfaces will stay clean for longer because the spores of the mould, mildew, algae and lichen are completely killed. All exterior surfaces are also cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.

Some benefits of choosing commercial soft washing in Melbourne for your property include:

  • Effectively removes dirt, grime, and other buildup from various surfaces without causing damage.
  • Saves time and effort compared to traditional cleaning methods, allowing for more efficient use of resources.
  • Helps extend the lifespan of surfaces by preventing damage caused by buildup and dirt.
  • Improves the property’s overall appearance and helps maintain a professional image.
  • Reduces the need for costly repairs and replacements by maintaining the integrity of surfaces.
  • Helps maintain the warranty on surfaces and equipment by keeping them clean and tidy.
  • Provides a safer cleaning option than high-pressure washing, reducing the risk of injury or property damage.
  • It can be customised to fit the needs of the specific property or surface being cleaned.
  • Helps improve air quality and sanitation by removing dirt, dust, debris, etc.
  • It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning option.

Are you concerned about how soft washing techniques in Melbourne will affect your property’s exterior? Get in touch with us via call or email to learn more about our cleaning methods and procedures.

Before / After images of Our Commercial Soft Wash Services

300+ reviews - find out what our customers say

Sunil and Jesse were excellent. The roof looks great, the gutters and drains are clear, and they cleaned up after themselves. All done at a very reasonable rate.


-Benjamin Cronin

Exterior Clean Melbourne are meticulous in all aspects of their service delivery especially communication, timeliness, safety and effectiveness. Due to Covid we had extensive build up of mould and dirt on our atriums and skylights. The finished cleaning result brings a smile to my face each time I look at the work. Well done Sunil!


-John Scotton

Sunil and the crew from Exterior Clean did a complete clean of a property that I had just purchased in Montmorency. The house, being 5 years old with a Colorbond roof and Off White rendered facade was looking a little worse for wear.
They spent 2 days pressure cleaning the roof and gutters, (and installing gutter brushes for me), the facade, eaves, decks and handrails, all ready for us to move into.
The results were just unbelievable, looks like a brand new house.
I would highly recommend Exterior Clean for any cleaning project.
Thanks guys.


-Mark Devitt - Montmorency

We got Sunil to clean our polycarbonate roof and were amazed at how well the roof looks afterwards. The lichen was stuck on pretty hard and it looked terrible just outside our back room. Not any more. The before and after photos tell the tale very well.


-Antony Swain

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Sunil has been cleaning our roof and skylights for years. He is always very professional, thorough, courteous and passionate about what he does. Thanks again!



I would highly recommend Exterior Clean. The whole process from quoting to completing the work was done in an efficient and professional manner. Great job Sunil and the boys, thank you!



Adam and James did a terrific job cleaning the gutters, solar panels, blinds and the exterior brickwork. They were punctual, professional and polite. I’m so glad I chose Exterior Clean.



Work performed was excellent. Sunil did a great job cleaning my rendered two story townhouse, pavements and windows. The render was particularly dirty but now is so clean looking and really adds to the attractiveness of the property. I had a similar cleaning done a couple of years before, but that fails far short of what Sunil accomplished. I couldn’t be more impressed with his professionalism, demeanour and friendly nature and the quality of the results.



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