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Having solar panels installed on your premise is a solution to reduce rising power costs. They are a long-term investment worth having. Solar panels, like many things that are exposed to the elements, collect dust, dirt, bird droppings and debris over time. It is important to maintain your solar panels to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Call Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Melbourne 0416 484 644

Are solar panels self-cleaned?

There is a myth that solar panels are self-cleaned and that once they have been installed you can just forget about them. The panels are positioned in an angle so just let the rain wash them down and do the cleaning for you. Is this true? Think about this: do you need to clean the wind screen of your car? If your car sits somewhere outside unused for a period of time, will it collect dust, dirt and probably bird droppings? Does the rain make them clean again?

The truth is, with all the solar panels we have been called to clean in Melbourne they are all covered with a layer of dust, dirt and sometimes bird droppings. The rain does not clean them for you.

We have the right equipment & experience

At Exterior Clean Melbourne, we offer two options – General Solar Panel Clean & Detailed Solar Panel Clean.

We have experience of cleaning solar panels at commercial/industrial premises including schools, factories and a variety of commercial buildings. No job is too big (or too small) – we have the capacity to meet your cleaning requirements.

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