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At Exterior Clean Melbourne, we understand that a clean solar panel absorbs more energy than one smeared with dirt and build-up. Hence, we have devised safe, effective, affordable residential solar panel cleaning services in Melbourne. We work with highly trained, licensed and qualified professionals with extensive experience cleaning all types, sizes and brands of domestic solar panels.

Search for “solar panel cleaning near me” and connect with our solar panel cleaning experts for highly customisable, premium-quality cleaning services that fit your budget specifications.

Make the Most of Your Investment with Efficient Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Melbourne

If a solar panel surface gets dirty, it requires cleaning to absorb energy efficiently.
For you to gain maximum return on investment from your Solar Array, they need to be cleaned & maintained so they can absorb maximum sunlight, which converts directly to an efficiently operating solar panel for your needs and uses.

Most households would spend between $10-35k to install a system, and it is a waste not to maintain this investment.


Comprehensive Solar Panel Cleaning Near Me

At Exterior Clean Melbourne, we have the training and experience necessary for safely conducting cleaning services for all types and brands of solar installations.

Keep reading to take a look at some of the installations that we service:

  • Flat Roof Panel Mount
  • Pitched Roof Panel Mount
  • Tilt Frame Mount
  • Ground Mounted on Tilt Frame

So you did not find what you were looking for in the list? Connect with us via call or email to discuss your solar panel cleaning needs in Melbourne.

Misconceptions about Solar Panel Cleaning in Melbourne

There is a lot of misinformation about solar panels being self-cleaning because they are on an angle on your roof or ground. Watch our video busting this myth completely! Just consider that your windows and windscreen on your car are all on an angle and have rain washing them continuously. If you had not cleaned your windows/windscreen for years, you would likely not even see through them.

The truth is all domestic-use solar panels need to be cleaned periodically, so they can continue performing optimally. This directly translates to a high energy-efficiency and cost-effectivity for the homeowner. You can also check out detailed guide on solar panel cleaning with DIY tips. Let our expert solar panel cleaners help you in maintaining your solar investment— get a free quote from a professional solar panel cleaning company to find out more.

Having said that, here are some benefits of opting for regular solar panel cleaning for Melbourne homeowners:

  • Increases the efficiency of your solar panels by removing dirt, dust, and debris that block the sun’s rays
  • Maximises the energy output of the panels
  • Extends the lifespan of the solar panels by preventing damage caused by debris and buildup
  • Reduces the need for costly repairs
  • Helps to maintain the warranty on your solar panels
  • Saves time and effort compared to DIY cleaning
  • Ensures the safety of the cleaning process

Connect with us to learn more about our solar cleaning services, or browse our website to look at the complete range of our services.

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Process in Melbourne

At Exterior Clean Melbourne, we employ the latest techniques and advanced cleaning equipment to clean your solar panels thoroughly. Continue scrolling through to look at how our Melbourne solar panel cleaning experts tackle the dirt and grime on your solar panels.

Before the cleaning process begins, our cleaning team typically preps the area by turning off the solar panel system to avoid potential electrical hazards. We also inspect the panels for any damage or defects and note any areas requiring extra attention during cleaning.

Cleaning Solution Application
Next, we use a low-pressure sprayer to apply a specialised cleaning solution to the solar panel surface. The solution is eco-friendly and designed to break down dirt, grime, and other debris on the surface of the panels. We usually leave the cleaning solution for several minutes before we start the rinsing.

Gentle Brushing
Once the cleaning solution has worked its magic, we use soft brushes and sponges to gently scrub away any remaining dirt and debris on the surface of the panels. At Exterior Clean Melbourne, we use high-grade brushes & sponges to ensure the panels are cleaned effectively without any damage.

After the scrubbing, our Melbourne solar panel cleaning experts rinse off the panels using low-pressure water sprayers or hoses. Before we start, we ensure that the water pressure should be low enough to avoid causing any damage to the panels. This final rinse ensures that all the cleaning solution, dirt, and debris have been removed from the surface of the panels, leaving them clean and efficient.

Once our solar panel cleaners are done with the cleaning process, you can turn your solar panel back on for efficient and sustainable energy generation.

Before / After images of Our Solar Panel Cleaning Services

300+ reviews - find out what our customers say

Sunil and Jesse were excellent. The roof looks great, the gutters and drains are clear, and they cleaned up after themselves. All done at a very reasonable rate.


-Benjamin Cronin

Exterior Clean Melbourne are meticulous in all aspects of their service delivery especially communication, timeliness, safety and effectiveness. Due to Covid we had extensive build up of mould and dirt on our atriums and skylights. The finished cleaning result brings a smile to my face each time I look at the work. Well done Sunil!


-John Scotton

Sunil and the crew from Exterior Clean did a complete clean of a property that I had just purchased in Montmorency. The house, being 5 years old with a Colorbond roof and Off White rendered facade was looking a little worse for wear.
They spent 2 days pressure cleaning the roof and gutters, (and installing gutter brushes for me), the facade, eaves, decks and handrails, all ready for us to move into.
The results were just unbelievable, looks like a brand new house.
I would highly recommend Exterior Clean for any cleaning project.
Thanks guys.


-Mark Devitt - Montmorency

We got Sunil to clean our polycarbonate roof and were amazed at how well the roof looks afterwards. The lichen was stuck on pretty hard and it looked terrible just outside our back room. Not any more. The before and after photos tell the tale very well.


-Antony Swain

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Sunil has been cleaning our roof and skylights for years. He is always very professional, thorough, courteous and passionate about what he does. Thanks again!



I would highly recommend Exterior Clean. The whole process from quoting to completing the work was done in an efficient and professional manner. Great job Sunil and the boys, thank you!



Adam and James did a terrific job cleaning the gutters, solar panels, blinds and the exterior brickwork. They were punctual, professional and polite. I’m so glad I chose Exterior Clean.



Work performed was excellent. Sunil did a great job cleaning my rendered two story townhouse, pavements and windows. The render was particularly dirty but now is so clean looking and really adds to the attractiveness of the property. I had a similar cleaning done a couple of years before, but that fails far short of what Sunil accomplished. I couldn’t be more impressed with his professionalism, demeanour and friendly nature and the quality of the results.



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